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Our friend, Dr. Tom Grams

We still miss our dear friend Dr. Tom Grams.  Dr. Tom was killed in 2010 while returning from a medical trip to a rural north Afghanistan area. He was with a team of 10 who were treating people for eye disease, dental concerns, and general health needs.  A native of Durango, Colorado, Dr. Tom donated his time and skills to helping the men, women, and children of our village. He worked tirelessly treating patients and building relationships with everyone. He taught children how to brush their teeth - taking thousands of toothbrushes to children who had never seen toothbrushes before, he cleaned teeth that had never been cleaned, extracted teeth when needed, and built lasting friendships with people who came to love and respect him. He saw other needs in the village as well and worked to bring clothing, nutrition, and solar power for lights in the schools and health clinic. He was an inspiration and a great humanitarian! He funded all of his travels and enthusiastically reached out to a rural village where people live without electricity and running water and provided access to medical care that was out of their reach. Dr. Tom endeared himself to the entire village, inspired others and has been greatly missed.

You can read more about Dr. Tom on the US Center for Citizen Diplomacy website ( ) Tom was a candidate for the next US Citizen Diplomacy award.

Dr. Tom Grams certainly has not been forgotten.