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  • $50 would supply vitamins for one child for one year, helping to prevent anemia and vitamin-deficiency blindness.
  • $75 would provide school supplies for seven children for an entire year.
  • $100 would pay for the midwife's housing for one month so that she can be on-call to delivery babies and help prevent infant mortality.
  • $200 would pay for the cost of educating one child and providing this child with one meal/day for a full year.
  • $300 would support a doctor full-time at the health clinic for one month.
  • $500 would pay for electricity for the health clinic as well as pump fresh water for the entire village for one month.
  • $1,200 would fully equip one classroom with school desks and chairs for 30 children and their teacher.
  • $5,000 would provide supplies for villagers to construct a playground at the school that could be used by children throughout the valley.
  • $7,200 would provide one full-time teacher and school supplies for 30 children for an entire year.
  • $10,000 would pay for a tin roof for the school, health clinic and bakery.
  • $17,000 would pay for the construction of one entire classroom of the proposed girls&Mac226; school so that all children in the valley can be educated.

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