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Our third school! Funds raised by Harvard University Women’s group Circle of Women. This is the girls high school.

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Dr. Tom Grams DDS--a dentist from Cololado who has donated several trips to perform dental care at the project.,

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Cute boy! One of the orphans who lives at the boys orphanage..

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We are an organization that is driven by American students to make a better world for their fellow students in Afghanistan.
Our organization goal is to re-establish educational facilities for boys and girls in Afghanistan.

Update on the deep water well

We are extremely thankful to the Wardak family for donating the funds necessary to repair the well. Thanks to all our donors on Global Giving who have donated to the project for fixing the well. We are also grateful since the Wardak family funded the updating of the solar panels for our project. The Wardak family also is helping us with monthly operational costs, and we are especially thankful. We will be focusing on funding the clinic and new additions to the project. Huge thanks to the Wardak family for all of their help. We would also like to thank you for your continued support!