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Our third school! Funds raised by Harvard University Women’s group Circle of Women. This is the girls high school.

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Dr. Tom Grams DDS--a dentist from Cololado who has donated several trips to perform dental care at the project.,

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Cute boy! One of the orphans who lives at the boys orphanage..

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We are an organization that is driven by American students to make a better world for their fellow students in Afghanistan.
Our organization goal is to re-establish educational facilities for boys and girls in Afghanistan.

We need your help

Our Afghanistan campus is in the midst of a terrible emergency. The deep water well we have built almost two decades ago has eroded and needs replacement. We project that the project will take $10,000 to replace all of the pipes. With this new upgrade, the well can last another 20 years, providing safe drinking water for all of our students, families, and friends in Afghanistan. More than 500 families depend on the well for their water, and the nominal cost per person per year is less than $1.00. This means each day, it only costs pennies to provide water for every single person involved with our project. We are extremely thankful for the well, and this is our number one priority right now. If we don't quickly fix the plumbing, our village will be without water. Please donate to our global giving project especially created for this emergency with the following link.


We are so grateful for 20 years of continued improvements made to the lives of our families in Afghanistan. Thank you so much!