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Our third school! Funds raised by Harvard University Women’s group Circle of Women. This is the girls high school.

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Dr. Tom Grams DDS--a dentist from Cololado who has donated several trips to perform dental care at the project.,

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Cute boy! One of the orphans who lives at the boys orphanage..

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We are an organization that is driven by American students to make a better world for their fellow students in Afghanistan.
Our organization goal is to re-establish educational facilities for boys and girls in Afghanistan.

September 2016 Promotion!

On September 21, 2016, Global Giving will be offering another promotion. In this amazing fundraising event, all new donations will be matched 30% until the its $60,000 store is depleted. Hopefully we can get some of the bonus donations before the pool is spread among all of the partner charities. Thank you for allowing us to operate for almost 20 years to improve the lives of countless children, students, and families in Afghanistan!

We have already raised well over $7,000 through this online platform, and hope to reach $10,000 soon! It seems like just a while ago we started the Global Giving platform, and only a month ago we were still at $6000. Thank you!

Recent Developments

We are proud to announce that we have already started the construction of a new clinic, on a satellite campus that we currently call "Location 2" for security. This is following the threat we had to our girl's school late last year, and after the October earthquake exacerbated the need for a secondary campus.

We just began construction of the new clinic, called the Northern Campus clinic. Although we already began construction, we will still just a little bit more funding to finish the clinic, and you can help by donating to our global giving page here. All donations are deductible from tax, and after you donate, you will receive a receipt. We are on the homestretch of our project; please help so we can make this long anticipated clinic a reality!

As always, we cannot do anything without the continued support of you, our cherished contributors! Thank you so much for everything you have done to bring us here to where we are after these wonderful 15+ years!

To see the clinic's foundations currently under construction, use this link to visit the new clinic's page!